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An Overview

I do not know much about BED, other than the fact that my illness may have overlapped into it. Usually BED sufferers are overweight because unlike those with Bulimia, they do not attempt to compensate for their eating binges.

Eating Disorder not otherwise specified, which I will more conveniently refer to as EDNOS, can be just as serious as Anorexia, Bulimia and BED. It can involve symptoms from all three disorders, but not enough symptoms in one disorder category to be diagnosed as AN, BN, or BED. However, there are some recognised sub-categories of AN and BN, which means that the patient may escape the unfortunately vague 'EDNOS' label:

Anorexia purging sub-type - Someone who is under BMI 17.5 but purges most of the food they eat via vomiting or excessive excersising. They may or may not take part in binge eating, but if they do it is possible that their binges will be 'subjective'. I.e. incredibly small, but in their emaciated state it feels and looks big to them. (However some will objectively binge).

Bulimia non-purging sub-type - Someone who fullfils all criteria for Bulimia, except for the fact that they do not purge. They conpensate for binges in other ways such as fasting or excessive exercise. 

(Let me know if there are any more sub-types I have missed)

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(November 2010) > I am taking a year (or two) out of university to recover from an eating disorder; originally diagnosed as restricting anorexia 7 years ago, but has more recently morphed into BN non-purgeing type/ BED/ COE/ EDNOS / whatever you want to call it. I thought I would write a blog to give me a kind of project to work on, mainly giving an insight into the Eating Disorders books that I have read and any interesting articles/videos I find. However, there may be some updates on my life and thoughts once in a while. My quest is to understand these disorders, although I know the best I can do is to keep on researching xxx Update (2012): I have now returned to uni.


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